Benefits of our applicant tracking system

  • Streamlined with CRM

    • The system has been designed specifically with Apprenticeship recruitment in mind. In other words it is designed for your team and takes into account all the admin processes that make advertising and shortlisting challenging. The CRM will streamline your processes and prevents the use of multiple tracking spreadsheets.

  • • The system can post to multiple jobsites including National Apprenticeship Service (AVOL), NotGoingtoUNI, Universal Job Match, Careermap, Indeed, Total Jobs, and your own website plus Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Some of these require a paid subscription. Other sites can be added as required. The vacancies are input directly in CRM and these are then advertised on all sites automatically saving huge amounts of time.

  • • Finding good candidates is one of your biggest challenges. A most important part of CRM is that all candidates applying in any of these sites automatically come into the CRM system and are managed within, so you do not have to go to multiple sites.

  • • As CRM is based on Microsoft, all packages integrate seamlessly. Emails sent by members of staff are automatically linked to relevant contacts within the CRM. Workflows can automate a lot of processes.

  • Integrated Forms

    • Use the integrated CentreForms form designer portal within JustApply. These can be implemented into your website to create other online enquiries and applications for courses, events, work placements etc . You can also ensure Assessors are able to notify you of new opportunities using the quick enquiry form from their smartphone, tablet or pc. This comes directly into your CRM and can then be alerted to the relevant team.

  • • The system has a built in PDF and/or Word document generator. This creates a standard CV against each profile. To cover specific employer questions the system has been configured to create a dedicated CV against each application. These are stored against the prospective candidate record. This also covers the possibility that somebody may apply for a vacancy which isn’t directly related to what they have put in their profile and they may wish to add items for that specific vacancy.

  • Automate Workflow

    • Tap into your huge internal candidate pool. Get past and present students to register on JustApply. The possibilities are endless. Get candidates doing work experience to create user profiles which can be added to their profile/CV for future applications or send to potential placements. During events such as employability week or schools liaison visits you can get all prospective candidates to create their profiles so they are in your talent pool database and you can help them progress.

  • • Send registered candidates Apprenticeship vacancies or provide notifications and advice on progression options as they start to finish full time courses. In future, you could attempt to get your current students to create profiles to do the same. If students are interested, the JustApply system will then create a CV directly from these profiles and allow them to be provided to employers with vacancies immediately.

  • • Health and safety forms can be filled in and/or sent and saved within CRM, with timely automated reminders if the H&S or Insurances are due to lapse.

  • • Shortlisting candidates is easy and you can filter within the candidate pool for employers. A map showing distance from employers can be used to only select candidates within a commutable distance when shortlisting.

  • Return on Investment

    • The price for the first year can be offset by the funding you would receive from 1 or 2 apprentices.

  • • Unlimited support. We provide a support and mentoring service that ensures your team uses JustApply effectively and gets the most out of the system.

  • • The annual charge includes all updates. Get a quote.

  • Seamless Integration

    • Implementation and conversion of contacts and employers from other systems can be provided.

  • • Integration with LMS, e- Portfolios or MIS systems can be provided.

  • • Integration with messaging to provide 2 way trail of communications.

  • • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fully customisable so you can change any part you want to suit your needs.

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