How it works

Below are a selection of screenshots from the JustApply system.

Review all applications

Review your active applications on CRM

Capture candidate profile and CV

Candidate applicationCandidate application form
Job Ready Process

Editable job ready candidate process

Vacancy record on CRM

Vacancy record in Dynamics
Vacancy functionality

Create vacancy questions

Post/Edit, fill, copy, print & assign vacancies

Vacancy actions
Vacancy posting to multiple sites

Post your vacancies on your preferred channels from CRM

Choose from the available reports list on CRM

Available reports in Dynamics
Vacancies list on JustApply

Vacancies on JustApply

Vacancy description on JustApply

Vacancy detail screen on JustApply
JustApply applicant self service portal

Review your application history on JustApply

Candidate qualifications on JustApply

Candidate qualifications entry

Instantly view charts illustrating your performance

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