The JustApply solution is flexible in that it offers something different to the type of organisation you are, and for the teams operating within it.
Simply click on the relevant tab of interest below to see what JustApply will do for you. 

A simple and efficient way to create Vacancies.

Employers can use the JustApply web form to create a vacancy on line.

This can be submitted to the training provider at the click of a button.

The training provider can edit this and assist the employer by ensuring that the vacancy has all the attributes to attract the greatest quantity of suitably qualified candidates.

The vacancy can be posted with the employer logo to further personalise it.

Lists of suitable candidates can be provided to the employer with CV’s.

Interviews can be arranged with email or text confirmations.

Reminders can be sent to candidates using email and text.

Vacancy can be advertised to multiple sites, instantly

Your own branded Professional Recruitment Portal

Simple and quick addition to any website.

Your own back end CRM system.

Employer, Vacancies, Candidates, Applications all captured in one system.

Simple processes to offer significant savings.

Reports and Dashboards with real time data.

A professional solution to increase effectiveness in Employer Engagement and all recruitment areas.

Cut down on data entry – All Employer Details and Vacancies are entered automatically in the JustApply CRM.

The Vacancy form can be provided to the Employer or a member of your team can sit with the Employer to help them edit it.

One click and the Vacancy is logged in the JustApply CRM

Vacancies can include Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Offering Alumni for Full time vacancies can also be handled

Recruitment team selects the channels to post the vacancy to

Vacancies can be posted to NAS, UJM, Twitter, Facebook, your own branded Recruitment Portal and

All applications and candidate profiles are created automatically in your CRM

Screen all applications.

Run Job Ready Process over the phone and/or invite candidates in for an interview.

Create shortlists and Talent Pools.

Send CV’s/Profiles to employers via the editable PDF or Word template system.

Check Application Form and Run assessment Testing.

Allocate interview slots with employers.

Use workflows to automate repetitive or time related tasks

Send reminders via email or text

Gather Employer and Student Surveys using CentreForm system, directly into CRM

Live feed Dashboards to cover all reporting metrics for Ofsted Inspections

Link to enrolment, framework / Course Study Programmes and progression with automated follow up reminders at key stages.

Organise Interviews and allocate slots with employers

Create Surveys for Employers and Candidates

Simple to Register and select sectors of interest

Simple application process.

Applicants either add their CV or create their own profile.

Capture and edit your work experience and qualifications

Apply for multiple vacancies.

Edit your CV/Profile specific to each vacancy.

View your status in the application process.

Receive notifications of your progression.

Receive notifications of other vacancies that might suit you.

Register for sectors that you would like to see vacancies from

Permit all candidates for vacancies and courses to register using JustApply

Progress their applications using the powerful workflow tool

Organise Interviews and allocate places

Send reminders for candidates to attend by email and multi messaging system

Business rule based integration improving your organisation’s ability to share important data.

View the standard Dynamic dashboard showing:

  • Vacancies Created by Month
  • Status of vacancies by Month
  • Job Types
  • Applications by Month
  • Applications by Status
  • Channels Used
  • Trends
  • Revenue Pipeline

Create custom reports that can help you run your orgainsation.

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